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The inaugural event of Bears of Poland Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 January 2010 09:44

*22 january 2010 r.

On 6th February 2010 event will be inaugurating the activities of the Association Bears of Poland!

Let me remind you that 20 September 2009 at the premises of Lambda Warsaw held the founding meeting of the Association Bears of Poland, after which the Association has been registered and are now working as a full legal organization.

Besides the usual purpose of addressing homosexual, the Association has something that we are more interested in us, namely: "Helping people who are overweight to get rid of complexes, resulting from lack of acceptance of their appearance, try to break stereotypes, proclaiming that only a thin person can be attractive. "

Stars of the evening will be
ArtCreative Design and Custom coding" target="_blank" title="Tom Fort na Youtube">Tom Fort and
ArtCreative Design and Custom coding" target="_blank" title="Żaklina w Galerii na Youtube">Jaqueline.
At the event will also be Mr Bear Poland and Mr Bear Poland Internet.

The inaugural event will take place in the Club Gallery in Warsaw (Mirowski Square, 1).
Event begins at 21.00. Admission 10 polish zloty.

Oficial site of Association: BearsOfPoland.pl
Galeria Club's Site: clubgaleria.pl
Discusion at forum: Discuss
Cheap accomandation in Warsaw: Motels. Thanks for the list of Jaax74

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Też jesteśmy ciekawi
0 #1 misiolub 2010-01-26 10:40
ile osób bedzie

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