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Monday, 08 February 2010 11:56

Organize of bear events in previous years ended usually with different effects. Club Wild Przychodnia of his time trying to organize such a meeting, but the miserable result, and completely stopped organizing events with bear nature, and now only the flag remaining these time.

2009 years has brought many interesting changes, however, and so Mr. Bear elections held in Poznan Polish club Heros accumulated quite a sizeable bunch of bears and generally been perceived as cool fun. Bear event in Urlach was also pleased commented and left positive memories in the participants.

And so we have the 2010 inaugural event of The Bears of Poland Association. And here I must admit that the organizers had a tremendous success. Namely, anywhere in Poland has so far not managed to collect so many bears in one place. They came at the party from the farthest corners of the Polish, and there were also those that come from other European countries, especially in order to play the event.

Prevailing atmosphere was extremely pleasant. Maybe in the beginning was a little stiff, but sometimes language is solved and it became very pleasantly. At the party in accordance with the announcement of the organizers presented themselves Mr. Bear Poland 2010 and Mr. Bear Poland Internet 2010. They are very cute guys, and titles received by them are totally deserved the title. They are intelligent, they do with their stars and give them an interesting talk.

The whole event with his performances graced Jaqueline - Polish Drag Queen, and Tom Fort - singing bear from Germany. Charmed, I still remember the times when the club Mykonos, where she still occasionally show a few days growth of beard - much liked me then. Tom Fort also gave their all and looked like a lovable guy, but probably the language barriers led to that after the concert finishes fairly quickly left the party. 

Club Gallery proved to be a nice place for event. Was neither too large nor too small.

All those with whom we have liked to talk to party. Both for those who already know someone there, and for those who have this type of events were so far quite strange. Congratulations Bears of the Association so successful attempt to unite Poland Polish bears and wish them well as the more successful events. More events, as well as the growing number of participants in the fun.


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